Heart Song Worship Center

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What Is Said About Us?

Teresa and Mike

Heart Song was a great home church for us while we lived in NJ. Often we think of all the blessings they had given us, and still do. The people are loving and considerate. We faced many trials while we lived in the NJ area and Heart Song was a great encouragement. We have many good memories of time spent with Linda and Pastor Arn. The teachings are sound biblical truths with no underlying messages. Though its a small congregation, the worship and services were powerful experiences. If you are in search of relationships with heartfelt, open, and honest Christians this is an excellent place to go.

Anna Balsamo - Berlin, NJ

I have been a member of Heart Song Worship for three years now, and have grown in my walk with Christ tremendously because of the time spent there during Sunday Worship; Bible Study and intercessory prayer meetings. For the first time since becoming a believer 30 years ago, I have found a church group that truly lives Romans 12:4-6 ("For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us."). Being part of Heart Song has been a delight and has challenged me to become more like Christ and continue in His Word.

Larry - Philadelphia, PA

Several years ago while I listened to my pastor at the time give a sermon, I began to wonder what he was like during the week and whether or not he was consistent in his Christian walk. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that he was not consistent. It took several years to be led to a new church home via a change in employment. It was at this new job that Pastor Arn and I met. Our office spaces were very close to each other so I got to observe Pastor Arn's behavior and see his interactions with fellow coworkers and our customers. I also (literally) walked with Pastor Arn every day at work during lunch for the three and a half plus years we were at that job. We shared and enjoyed many in-depth conversations on God, Christianity, and faith. Having this opportunity to get to know Pastor Arn in a variety of situations and contexts, I can say that he has proven to be a true follower of Christ. God took my passing thought and turned it into an answered prayer.

Tim and Annie Apple - Voorhees, NJ

Pastor Arn and his wife Linda's unwavering commitment to God has made such a huge impact in the lives of our family. Their prayers, love, and understanding of God's word has guided us through some very difficult times. God has really used them to be an awesome source of light and wisdom in our marriage. Their Godly wisdom has helped us be the parents that God has ordained us to be to our four children. Their heart for worship has helped us joyously walk the path into the place that God has for us. We truly thank God for them.

Timon and Nathan Dawson - Delaware, Ohio

Pastor Arn and his wife Linda have been a crucial part in our spiritual lives. I had the privilege to serve with Pastor Arn for approximately 4 years on a worship team. His love for God and his desire to do God's will no matter what was inspiring to watch. It reminded my husband and I that there were others out there who had the same passion for God's heart as we did. During the time I served with the Bucks was the most fulfilling experience I have had to this point. I grew tremendously in my walk with the Lord and musically due to their love, support, guidance, wisdom and above all their friendship. Linda's passion and gift for prayer, I know, has no doubt held us up during difficult times. One of the things I admire most is their determination to do God's will without question. We are blessed to have them in our lives.

Ginette Corney - Moorestown, NJ

I really appreciate the prayers and was so touched by the special prayers last Sunday. It is humbling to be the focus of such outpouring of spiritual energy. Thank you.