Heart Song Worship Center

Making God's love and
faithfulness a greater reality

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Welcome to Heart Song Worship Center!

Church Should Be Life-Changing

Heart Song Worship Center is a nondenomiational church meeting in Voorhees, New Jersey. At Heart Song we believe the time we invest in church should have a positive impact on our lives. We are here to help you develop a genuine relationship with God in a way that makes Him increasingly more real and less distant from you. We want to help you experience God's love and faithfulness in ways that enable you to successfully face the diverse challenges of everyday life and come out on top. We would like to encourage you to love and serve Him in ways that add fullness and meaning to life. Please know that at Heart Song we are here to make a positive difference - not just to play church!

Truth and Balance

What distinguishes Heart Song from other churches in the area? The apostles John and Peter both stress the importance of knowledge of God in their in letters. If you study these writings, you will learn this knowledge is is gained from two primary sources. These include what is learned from our study of the Bible and what is learned through our interaction with God. Both of these are important to knowing the truth of God. Focusing only on the Bible can produce a somewhat distant and legalistic relationship with God and others that can be somewhat lacking in vitality. Focusing too much on our experiences with God can make us wierd and produce an image of God that is quite different from what He is.