Heart Song Worship Center

Making God's love and
faithfulness a greater reality

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Why Are We Here?

Vision - Where are we going?

Heart Song desires to make God's enduring love and faithfulness a greater reality to each of us and those around us.

Plan - How are we getting there?

We encourage the living of God-centered lives based on sound and balanced Biblical teaching. We endeavor to develop each person's ability to perceive God's daily interaction with us as our faithful loving father, comforter, counselor, deliverer, healer, and provider.

Purpose - The reason we are here

We are here to make the Truth of God clear and applicable to our lives through systematic teaching and study of the Bible. We are here to show the Word of God is true and that a better and more meaningful life is made possible by actively following the principals that are revealed thought it. We are here to show, by example, what God can do when we focus our attention on Him, truly surrender to His will and trust in Him in all things.

What Are Our Core Values?

We all have something to offer

God has created each of us with unique personalities and abilities. A church is made more complete as individuals bring their special insights, experiences, and abilities together as members of the Body of Christ. It is important that each person and their unique gifts are truly respected, appreciated, and encouraged. As we grow in God's love, our love and appreciation of others should also grow. The church is not a place for competition and self-promotion.

Sincerity and integrity in relationships

Trust is a key factor in love based relationships. Relationships with, God, spouses, children, friends, and others can only be as deep as our trust allows it to be. Pasts hurts can be a significant factor in limiting our ability to trust. As we come to know and experince the great love God has for us, we find ourselves more able to forgive those who have hurt us. We then find ourselves able to expose our wounds to God's healing touch. This healing process renews our ability to trust. At Heart Song we encourage the healing and restoration of relationships especially within families and marriages. We are very much aware that a church is only as strong as its relationships are deep and genuine.

Prayer must be an integral part of all we do

Prayer demonstrates and affirms our constant reliance on God's wisdom and power. Because God is good, we desire His will to be done in our daily lives and throughout His church. If we truly love God, we should want to spend time in fellowship with Him as we can in prayer. We believe that our success as individuals and as a church is dependent on inviting God, through prayer, to take His rightful place as the Lord and Master of our lives and His church.

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