Heart Song Worship Center

Making God's love and
faithfulness a greater reality

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What Can You Expect?

What Is a Serivce Like at Heart Song?

Do not attend Heart Song expecting to be "wowed" in the traditional sense. The meeting room is not an architectural masterpiece. We do not have a large crowd of emotionally charged people. The pastor is not a silver- tongued orator who will lift you out of your with seat eloquent words.

Our services are somewhere between a normal church and a home church. We currently worship using CDs played through a good sound system with the lyrics displayed using PowerPoint. The sermons are interactive. The pastor encourages questions and comments. The emphasis is on systematic teaching not on entertainment.

We are a group of approximately twenty people who are quite diversified in our backgrounds, ages, spiritual maturity, personalities, skills, marital status, and interests. In spite of these differences there is a strong sense of unity and caring that stems from a true passion for God and a desire to be more like Him.

We are all here to encourage one another and help each other grow closer to God. The experiences of this group provide a solid foundation for growth. Those who have found God's provision while raising families single mothers with limited incomes are equiped to help show others how it was done. Those who have been successful in seeking God's direction for making critical decisions at home and at work are suited to help others doing the same. Those who found that God was able to heal their physical problems after medical treatment failed can show the path of healing to others seeking it.

What are the Plans for Worship?

We do not intend to continue using CDs for worship. The pastor is a skilled musician, composer, and arranger. He has played professionally and has led worship teams in some fairly large churches. Once the Lord provides a godly and skilled vocalist we intend to transition to live worship.